Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to use the PGN database in "Chess for All"(V1.36)?

With the recent updates, I have integrated a PGN database(sqlite) in my application.
The file extension is: .pgn-db.
Below is a brief description of the main features:

1) database creation (PGN-FileManager)
2) game selection (PGN-FileManager)
3) quick access from the chessboard (main screen)

1) database Creation (PGN-FileManager)
Press the PGN-button on the main screen and select the menu item "Load game from PGN file".
select a PGN-file(extension: .pgn). The program creates a PGN database if none exists. This is
indicated with a database icon in the notification bar. This process running in the background. After completion of the process, a list of games is displayed.

2) game selection (PGN-FileManager)
Select a file in the PGN file manager. A game list, sorted by game-ID is displayed.
More search options you get by pressing the search button:
a) game ID
b) player
c) event, site
d) ECO, opening, variation

a) Game ID
games:  game counter
order:  ascending | descending
current game:  game-ID; first on the result list
max. items:  max. result list items (100 ... 4000)

b) Player
player:  enter a name (e.g.: anand)
color:  white | black | white&black
date:  ascending | descending
from(date):; empty is: 0000.00.00
to(date):; empty is: 9999.99.99
event:  empty is: all
site:   empty is: all
c) event, site

d) ECO, opening, variation

Select a list item for showing a game.

3) quick buttons from the chessboard (main screen)

a) random game from list
b) first game from list
c) previous game from list
d) database query(white, black, event/site, ECO/opening)
e) last game from list
f) next game from list

d) database query