Friday, May 22, 2020

Chess Engines OEX 2.1, Stockfish Engines OEX 2.2

I have updated my chess engine apps:

The following chess apps support the Open Exchange protocol (OEX):


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Chess for All 2.0

ChessForAll 2.0 is a powerful update. The user interface has been completely redesigned, the chess engine is now intergrated into the app, the PGN processing improved...

The apps "Stockfish Chess" and "Chess Engines" are no longer needed and can be uninstalled.

I therefore recommend to read the user manual at first.

Should you nevertheless get problems, please report.

Have fun

Monday, April 15, 2013

Horizontal button bar, 24 elements (version 1.37)

The button bar is divided into four areas:





By touch and drag (left/right), you can switch between the areas.

Select one of the icons below to get more details(screenshots):

Monday, March 18, 2013

Chess for All: redesign of the graphics area

For some devices, there are problems with the menu / button design (with Android OS 4.0). With the next versions I will make a redesign of the graphics area.

For any inconvenience, I apologize.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Play, edit, view

From the main screen press the menu button and select the item "play, edit, view":


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to use the PGN database in "Chess for All"(V1.36)?

With the recent updates, I have integrated a PGN database(sqlite) in my application.
The file extension is: .pgn-db.
Below is a brief description of the main features:

1) database creation (PGN-FileManager)
2) game selection (PGN-FileManager)
3) quick access from the chessboard (main screen)

1) database Creation (PGN-FileManager)
Press the PGN-button on the main screen and select the menu item "Load game from PGN file".
select a PGN-file(extension: .pgn). The program creates a PGN database if none exists. This is
indicated with a database icon in the notification bar. This process running in the background. After completion of the process, a list of games is displayed.

2) game selection (PGN-FileManager)
Select a file in the PGN file manager. A game list, sorted by game-ID is displayed.
More search options you get by pressing the search button:
a) game ID
b) player
c) event, site
d) ECO, opening, variation

a) Game ID
games:  game counter
order:  ascending | descending
current game:  game-ID; first on the result list
max. items:  max. result list items (100 ... 4000)

b) Player
player:  enter a name (e.g.: anand)
color:  white | black | white&black
date:  ascending | descending
from(date):; empty is: 0000.00.00
to(date):; empty is: 9999.99.99
event:  empty is: all
site:   empty is: all
c) event, site

d) ECO, opening, variation

Select a list item for showing a game.

3) quick buttons from the chessboard (main screen)

a) random game from list
b) first game from list
c) previous game from list
d) database query(white, black, event/site, ECO/opening)
e) last game from list
f) next game from list

d) database query