User Manual

ChessForAll is a chess program with the powerful chess engine Stockfish and many useful features.


  • Play vs computer
  • Two player mode
  • Computer vs computer
  • Analysis mode
  • Edit mode
  • Own database (.pgn-db)
  • Save, insert, replace and delete a game
  • Setup positions
  • Clipboard (game or position)
  • Opening book
  • Skill level
  • Chess clock options
  • Portrait/landscape mode

Operating hints

Main menu: Wipe from the left edge to the right

Game menu: Wipe from the right edge to the left

Board options menu: Long press on the chessboard

Board options: wipe
  • Next move: Wipe to the right
  • Previous move: Wipe to the left
  • Start position: Wipe to the left edge
  • Final position: Wipe to the right edge
Fast start buttons
  • Game mode
  • Analysis/pause mode
  • Perform the computer move
  • Delete move (from position)
  • Change side
  • Previous move
  • Next move
Fast start buttons (long touch)
  • Settings
  • -
  • Automatic replay of a game
  • -
  • -
  • First move
  • Last move
Fast start buttons (wipe): Load a game from the current PGN file
  • Next game : Wipe to the right
  • Previous game: Wipe to th left
  • First game: Wipe to the left edge
  • Last game: Wipe to the right edge
  • Random game: Wipe from the last button to the first button
  • Game search: Wipe from the first button to the last button
Press field Name or Elo: Edit game data
Press field Computer calculations: Computer Settings
Press field Time: Change current time; long press: Set chess clock options

PGN files

The following functions are available:
  • Load a game
  • Save, insert, replace and delete a game
  • Download a PGN file
  • Game to clipboard
  • Position to clipboard
  • Game from the clipboard
Long press a PGN file to delete it (.pgn) and the database file (.pgn-db).
A PGN file can also be loaded from a file manager app.

Database (.pgn-db)

The program uses its own chess database (file: .pgn-db) to manage games. If there is no chess database file when loading/saving, it will be created. The status bar displays the current status of the database creation. During this process, the PGN file is locked. Other actions can be taken without any problems.

The use of the PGN database can be deactivated in the settings. In this mode, a game is always appended to the end of the file.

Opening books

A small opening book is already integrated in ChessForAll. However, external polyglot opening books (.bin) can also be used. The management of the opening books is done in the computer game options, accessed via: Main menu/Computer or by long press on the field Computer calculations.

Settings user options

  • Player name
  • Show status bar
  • Change the site after move
  • Show last position (load)
  • Disable screen timeout
  • Game navigation (board)
  • Use PGN database
  • Sound effects
  • Coordinates (1-h, 1-8)

Stockfish options

  • Automatic start at program opening
  • Show calculations
  • 1st move (white): Random move
  • Activate/deactivate polyglot opening book
  • Polyglot opening book: Load external .bin file
  • Computer calculations: Number of variants and moves
  • Skill level (0...100)
  • Aggressiveness (0...100), Passivity (0...-100)
  • Log records (engine messages)


ChessForAll is developed by Karl Schreiner.
Graphic elements by Lars Streblow
Java engine routines by Peter Ă–sterlund
Application of UCI engines by Aart Bik
Chesspresso (chess logic) by Bernhard Seybold


French: Eric Gallula
Spanish: Sergio Ballesteros
Russian: Ark (hark, arkpc)



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