Saturday, March 3, 2018

Chess for All 2.0

ChessForAll 2.0 is a powerful update. The user interface has been completely redesigned, the chess engine is now intergrated into the app, the PGN processing improved...

The apps "Stockfish Chess" and "Chess Engines" are no longer needed and can be uninstalled.

I therefore recommend to read the user manual at first.

Should you nevertheless get problems, please report.

Have fun


  1. Hello Karl
    thanks for this update
    its my fav app.

    i m just giving my opinion hope u will also improve in ur app to make it best of the best.

    i have shifted to droidfish to read annonated pgn as it is simple to use ,only missing is engine tournament

    Acid ape chess is best looks modern also playing online is best
    .annonated games some doesnt load properly n engine tournament is missing

    chess for Android is best for everything , we can play with any engine with time control but it lacks modern feel ,lack of pgn loading ,online play + chess tournament needs 10 games to complete

    Chess tournament app by javiolo is best for chess engine tournament but as name suggest can be use for tournament only

    Hope u will improve ur app to have
    everything into 1

  2. Hello chysiddh14,

    Version 2.0 was a pretty strong update. I am currently stabilizing the app. Further improvements will follow. Planned are also better engine options.

  3. Now it slowly becomes my favourite chess app, I like the look of it, also ability to set different clocks to Human and Computer. Only thing I'm missing is installing engines and full UCI options in-app. Good work

  4. Hi Karl
    i wanna ask u a something
    i like old version (with 24 icons) how can i download?
    not: my english is not so good