Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chess for All ONLINE v1.19 update


- layout adjustments
- Optimization of memory management


  1. Having quite a bit of trouble setting up engine vs engine matches with the Chess for all GUI.......alsowhere did the Robbolito android engine come from? This GUI seems to only want to recognize one engine at a time.....let me know...AAR

  2. The engines in "Chess for All" are running in background(remote service, Android app).
    There are two engine apps in Google Play:

    In "Chess for All" you can set the following options:
    engines: menu > engines > E1, E2.
    play: menu > Play > Play (options) > Engine vs Engine

    In the "Chees Engines" app you can import and install different engines.
    Detail information see:

    Robbolito is the default engine in "Chees Engines" and is integrated in the apk file.

    1. Hello Karl........Thanks for the fast reply.......I already spent the most part of a week reading and rereading your manual and playing around with the chess for all app and the separate chess engine apps (2).......and it loads one engine with difficulty and two engines......not at all.....I even loaded stockfish into the engines apk and it would not recognize it either.......the E1 E2 system does not quite do the what if I want to setup a ten chess engine event for testing? what about 2 chess engines and one human participant? Why do I need to download a separate engines app to download just one chess engine? Why is robbolito not already preloaded into the gui? Whats going on my friend? Best Wishes, AAR

    2. You're right, I have a slightly odd use of chess engines. But that's how it is.

      In the engine app "Chess Engines" you can install multiple engines, but only one import (enable). The engine "Robbolito" is the standard engine and firmly integrated into the application.
      The second engine app "Stockfish Chess" contains only the current version of stockfish.

      From the chess app "Chess for All" you can perform only matches between "Stockfish Chess" and an imported engine from "Chess Engines":
      1) third yellow button, set engines: E1: Stockfish, E2: Chess Engines
      2) second yellow button, Engine vs Engine

      Using multiple engines in "Chess Engines" is for programming reasons currently not possible.
      I have a simple but "dirty" solution in planning: a third engine app "Chess Engines 2". Then also matches between engines ("Chess Engines" vs "Chess Engines 2") would be possible.