Saturday, December 24, 2011

User manual for the application "Chess Engines"

General: "Chess Engines" supports the Universal Chess Interface(UCI) protocol and using ARMv5TE compiled engines. To play against these engine you need the application "Chess for All".

Brief description of main steps:

1) Copy of ARMv5TE compiled engines to  mobile phone
create a folder on the SD card of your mobile phones and copy engines from the following link to the folder: ARMv5TE engines

2) "Chess Engines": install engines from SD card
press the option key, select the menu "Install engine from SD" and select an engine from the folder created above(process must be done for each engine).

3) "Chess Engines": import an engine
press the option key, select the menu "Import engine" and select an engine.

4) "Chess for All": playing against an imported engine
close the application "Chess Engines" and start "Chess for All".
Press the "menu" button and select the menu item "Engines". Select "E1" or "E2" and then "Chess Engines". Press the play button(bottom left) for playing.


  1. Chess engines is very informative. Thanks a lot for nice and cool post.

  2. Being very familiar with engine to engine tournament mode of Aart Bik's app, i wanted to repeat the same with Chess for All withıut success. Is there a way to:
    - import two different engines
    - set time control as Gxx + increment?
    - set engine parameters for each engine, mainly hashsize and threads?

  3. In engine vs engine mode, can i let 2 engines play each other instead of making the engine play himself?

  4. With the app "Chess Engines" you can run only one engine. But it is possible: Stockfish (app "Stockfish Chess") against an engine from app "Chess engines".